Product Manager – Tata Structura

Tapan Sharma

“The Journey with SM Group has been exciting, enriching and fascinating. It’s difficult to believe that 7long years have gone by. As if it was just other day when I walked in for an interview and rest they say is history. It’s been from the most Junior Level I have joined the group and what I am now. My bag is full of Knowledge, Acknowledgment, and Belongingness & Wellbeing. I am thankful to the management for understanding my abilities & providing me the platform & opportunities as it has helped me immensely to improve myself both professionally and personally."


Asst Manager- Planning (SM Engineers India Limited)

Dhuraba J Bharali

"After working for several years with other companies, I finally found the right job. Starting a career at SM Group gave me a great platform for learning. I have been given opportunities to acheive my personal goals and to improve myself in different skills due to the wide palette of roles available here.The environment has also increased my technical knowledge of the steel indusry.
The workplace is very energetic and filled with core values of compassion,belongingness and a sense of ownership.For those who perform, it's a great place to acheive their dreams through work."


Head - Product Development (Bitchem)

Hemanta Dutta

"I am happy to be a part of a group which relentlessly promotes the pursuit of excellence accross all fields of businesses that it is present in. I am confident that all the units of the SM Group will succeed in making the Group a global name."


Administration Officer – SM Corporation

Subarna Dutta

"I've worked with many companies over the years, and I would rank SM Group as one of the most insightful and strategic- oriented companies I've worked with.

It has challenged our thinking,helped us to better analyze our job insights and performance, and always ensured the team grows in an overall manner. I would recommend SM Group to any brand that is making tough, strategic decisions to grow their business."


Sr. Manager- Service

Sujal Das

If I place my individual opinion to work with the Group, I would say that the work environment is open and healthy. Senior people always help subordinates to work independently and enable opportunities to grow. All the companies of the SM Group are growing steadily and I look forward to being in this for the long-term.