SM Group is extensively present in the road sciences space, engaged in delivering innovative products to the road infrastructure sector with the intention of transforming the region’s transportation sector. It is present in this field through Bitchem, a pioneer in the road science and technology sphere, which operates a state-of-the-art value-added bitumen (VAB) plant to cater to the sophisticated needs of the road sector. The Company manufactures bitumen emulsions with fully-automated process controls, as per international standards. It is ASTM, BIS and ISO 9001:2000 certified, catering to the needs of national and state highways, rural roads and airport runways. With its foray into the import of bitumen and with operations in West Bengal, Assam and Meghalaya, Bitchem is one of the few companies in India to offer this capability in the road infrastructure space.


Bitchem Asphalt Technologies is a venture to manufacture VAB products and integrate it with a supply of asphalt mixes and application support. Bitchem has expertise in international bitumen trade and also actively promotes VAB products useful in conventional and new applications. Bitchem plans to have a pan-India presence and cater to upcoming markets. To start with, it has set up its first full-scale operations near Guwahati for making engineered bitumen materials towards accelerating project development in the Northeast.