“at sm group, we are not just about scale and size; we are also about the pursuit of excellence, devotion to our deep-rooted values, commitment to integrity and transparency in all stakeholder dealings, focus on product and service quality and synergic extensions into strategic opportunities.”


Dear Friends,


At SM Group, we understand that we play an important role as an engine of growth and a partner in success for thousands of individuals, families and businesses of every size.


We built the Group with a focus on serving the common man through commissioning and operating world-class businesses that have a direct impact in improving the quality of life. Through the adoption of this wide encompassing philosophy, we have also returned value to our stakeholders, not just residing in our plants and offices but also living in communities outside our boundary gates.


We identified attractive opportunities in two fast-converging realities emerging across India’s Northeast: Significant under-penetration on the one hand and growing consumption on the other. As a result, we commenced business with interests in steel and finance – deliberately selected so that we could impact and improve the lives of the largest number of people. Today, we are focused on developing innovative and insightful ways to fulfill user needs by demonstrating unique expertise in executing large orders and providing a distinctive platform for association with investors and business partners.


With a six-decade track record in building the Northeast, we have hit our sweet spot. Our brands are well-recognised and respected; our reach in terms of our distribution infrastructure is unmatched; our policies, processes and practices are aligned with global standards and our financials are robust to support fast-track growth across Group companies. Overall, we aspire to take the Northeast brand to the next level and redefine the benchmarks across our businesses globally.


I am proud to state that we are rightly positioned to capitalise on the massive upcoming growth on account of our ability to provide integrated end-to-end products and services, our significant and brand-enriching customer base of over a thousand satisfied customers and our robust focus on integrity in all our stakeholder dealings.


In closing, I wish to thank our employees for their commitment. We will continue to deliver value in the hands of all those who own a part of us, invest in us, work with us and depend upon us. I invite you to be a part of our growth story, as we build capacities and capabilities to emerge as a Rs 2,000 crore conglomerate by 2020.


With best wishes,


S. K. Jain

CMD, SM Group