Planet Sustainability


Every SM Group facility operates with a concern for the environment. The monitoring of energy, chemicals and water consumption represent standard Group policy.


The Workplace


Maintaining a safe workplace is the first and highest priority at SM Group. We are committed to the ideal of ensuring a zero accident workplace.


Eco-friendly Products


Our commitment to sustainability is perhaps best expressed in the growing percentage of eco-friendly products and processes in our portfolio and our increasing emphasis on meeting important societal needs such as healthcare, potable water and food with our products.


Strong Governance Practices


We passionately believe in operating in a way that preserves our reputation and serves favourable long-term economic interests of our stakeholders. Our Board of Directors and senior management oversee governance processes and ensure conformance with the highest standards.


Community Enrichment


We believe in the development of the communities where we operate and like to do an active involvement by providing social infrastructure, helping build human capabilities and organising welfare camps.