With the ambition to be amongst the most respected business houses of the country, the SM Group has instituted various committees to ensure the development of efficient and robust processes, allow for knowledge sharing platform amongst the various companies and ensure strict adherence to the procedures laid down in the greater interest of the group. While the Marketing Committee, HR Committee and Finance Committee are already functional since 2009; plans are afoot for the institution of a Total Quality Management (TQM) Committee to develop better R&D, Quality Control, Quality Assurance and Manufacturing processes at the enterprise level.


The Internal Audit department of the SM Group functions under SM Sons, the shared services division, to ensure that the statutory and obligatory requirements are met with. Also, it validates the book-keeping and accounting procedures to ensure eradication of non-compliances, if any.


Like every responsible organization, the SM Group appreciates the value of Risk Management and has instituted a Asset and Risk Management Division to look after the Insurance and related needs of all the enterprises of the group. This ensures the availability of competitively-priced insurance products for all companies of the group and also acts as a single contact point for all Risk Management needs of the SM Group.